1943 the Germans requisitioned the three schools in Ollerup:

Ollerup Folk High School
Now: The Free Teacher Training College
Ollerup School for Artisans
Now: Ollerup Continuation School
Song and Music
Ollerup Academy of Physical Education

The Air-Raid Shelter is built
The Air-Raid Shelter was built (concreted) in January 1944. At that time the German troops had stayed at the schools for two months. The shelter was planned to protect German soldiers during alarms. The allied  bombers flew over Denmark both night and day on their way to mining and bombing targets in the Danish belts, the Baltic Sea and the German towns such as Kiel, Rostock, Stettin, Peenemunde and Berlin. On several occasions Denmark was hit by English and American planes, which means that there was a risk for bombing of the schools. Two allied bombers crashed less than two kilometres from the shelter. Since World War II no one has maintained the Air-Raid Shelter. The Academy of Physical Education, the owner of the land where the shelter is situated, has used it for various purposes, among other things for storage of fruit and potatoes.
In 2002 a group of local people formed an association, which was named: The society for the preservation and utilization of the Air-Raid Shelter at Ollerup Academy of Physical Education

The object of the society is to ensure the preservation of the Air-Raid Shelter and through various exhibitions illustrate local people’s experiences during World War II 1939 – 1945 and the following years when many refugees lived in the area.

This aim was reached in the following ways:
To open the Air-Raid Shelter to the public
To maintain it and through posters and photos give a picture of the area and the experiences of the local community during and after World War II and furthermore shortly to tell the history of its main characters
To remember what happened
To prevent it from happening again

Take the plan of the exhibition and walk through the around 100 metres long corridors. There are three recesses in the Air-Raid Shelter. In the active time of the shelter they were used as privies. Now various objects donated to the museum by local people are exhibited there. There is a model showing the landscape where an allied plane on its way back from a raid in Germany crashed a few kilometres from the shelter after having been hit by anti-aircraft guns over Kiel. Imagine 500 – 800 men placed on benches in the shelter. See a model in one of the corridors.

At the Air-Raid Shelter in Ollerup
If you are in the vicinity on May 4, we recommend that you visit the Air-Raid Shelter. On the initiative of the society, everyone is welcomed to a LIGHT FESTIVAL to mark the end of the five years of occupation, the end of the blackout and that light again broke out over Denmark. You can hear the message of the end of occupation from the BBC.

There are songs and speeches. It has become a tradition that many locals and other people from all over Funen visit the Air-Raid Shelter on this evening. The museum is private and the society has around 60 members. Subscription is the society’s main source of income.